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What to see in Wroclaw?

What to see in Wroclaw? Check out our suggestions for interesting places to see.

ZOO and Africarium

Hotel Śląsk - ZOO / 6,8 km | ~ 30 min

ZOO in Wroclaw is the oldest zoological garden in Poland - July 10, 2015 celebrated 150 years. It has the richest collection of animals in our country. Among them are popular lions, Sumatran tigers, elephants, brown bears and seals, as well as very rare and endangered okapi, Indian rhinoceroses, Cape penguins, the Shabloid Oryx.

The ZOO features the first oceanarium in Poland, unique on a European scale. Shows the various ecosystems associated aquatic environment of the Dark Continent

In one moment you can find yourself in Africa. Take a walk along the fabulous coral reef of the Red Sea and the African lakes Malawi and Tanganyika. See hippos living in the Nile and of course Nile crocodiles. In addition, about 7,000 fish, including sharks from the Mozambique Channel, rays, shreds and moraines. Among the inhabitants of Africa there are also dikdik, antelopes, ants, sharks, African kittens, cape penguins and also the only sirens in Poland.

The ZOO you can get by tram no. 4 from the nearby Plac Srebrny Square (previously Fadroma). Departure every 15 min.

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Hotel Śląsk - Hydropolis / 5,0 km | ~ 17 min

The center of knowledge about water, unique in Poland and one of the few in the world, has such a place, showing the water and all that is associated with it, in fascinating and unique perspectives.

Modern multimedia technologies, interactive projections, faithful replicas and models, wealth of knowledge and information about the water planet. All this in the revitalized, listed on the water reservoir monuments.

Sightseeing Hydropolis begins with a multimedia projection of the rise of water on Earth. Then, as we walk along the stream of water enclosed in the floor, we visit further zones, revealing the secrets hidden in the depths, and we can take in life in the ocean, modern or ancient water engineering.

We can also admire the world's only replica of the Trieste batyskaf, which in 1960 was immersed in the Mariana Trench, as well as an acrylic copy of Michelangelo's "David" sculpture, symbolizing that man is largely composed of water.

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Hotel Śląsk - Kolejkowo / 2,5 km | ~ 8 min

Excellent entertainment for children and adults!

The Kolejkowo is located in one of the oldest railway stations in Wroclaw - Swiebodzki Railway Station. Visiting the miniature world, you can see, among others models of objects from Wroclaw and all of Lower Silesia. There are architectural gems such as: Swiebodzki Railway Station, Wroclaw's market town houses, meteorological observatory in Sniezka Mountine, Karkonosze Mountines secrets in Karpacz City and Swiss lodge in the Western Sudetes.

Creators have made a lot of effort to accurately reproduce the reality and present life of miniature residents of Kolejkowo, showing them in various everyday situations. You may see life in the countryside, meet the tourists during mountain hikes, take part in the rescue and fill like real foresters, skiers, merchants, construction workers or circus.

Kolejkowo in the numbers: 430 meters of track, 15 trains, 60 railwaywagons, 108 cars, 162 buildings, 2300 figures + bridges, tunnels, water reservoirs, phenomenon of day and night.

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Century Hall and Multimedia Fountain

Hotel Śląsk - Century Hall / 6,6 km | ~ 28 min .

Hall of the Century is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable objects of the capital of Lower Silesia. Entering it on the UNESCO World Heritage List further emphasized the importance of the facility. Designed by the outstanding architect Max Berg, it has been recognized as one of the greatest architectural works of the 20th century. At the time of its inception, the hall was the only facility with the largest span of reinforced concrete in the world, with only a few steel structures reaching larger dimensions.

Multifunctional space with unconventional design. It is here that the largest and most important exhibitions, conferences, cultural events, sports and congresses from Poland and abroad take place here.

Within the complex, there is also the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe, beautifully illuminated Wroclaw multimedia fountain. Surrounded by historic Pergola and situated in the picturesque landscape of the Szczytnicki Park, it raises the interest of tourists from both Poland and abroad.

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Japanese Garden

Hotel Śląsk - Japanese Garden / 6,6 km | ~ 36 min.

An oasis of beauty calm and quiet in the heart of the city. A very popular place to relax in Wroclaw and a must-see for tourists.

The garden is unique in the Europe and a lively part of Japanese culture, which owes it's shape to the work of Polish and Japanese gardeners and engineers. It's a combination of several types of Japanese gardens: public, water, tea ceremony and rocky beach. Garden collections include more than 11,500 species and varieties of soil and greenhouse plants, a significant proportion of which is from Asia. Unique gates, bridges, footbridges, made in Japanese style and stone ornaments create a beautiful corner of typical Japanese character.

The recommended time of visit is spring / summer, then you can see in all its glory many Asian plantings. Garden located in Szczytnicki Park, just few steps from Pergola and the Multimedia Fountain in the Centennial Hall.

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Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

Hotel Śląsk - Panorama Racławicka / 4,2 km | ~ 25 min.

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is a part of Polish history and must-see place for every tourist visiting Wroclaw.

It is one of the few places in the world where you can see the relics of nineteenth-century mass culture. The great 15x114m painting, and special painting techniques and technical effects, takes the viewer to another place, reality and another time. Panorama Racławicka is the first and only surviving Polish work of its kind.

This remarkable work shows the victorious battle on April 4, 1794, under Racławice, where insurgent troops - with the participation of famous kosists - under General Tadeusz Kosciuszko (1746-1817) won with Russian troops.

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Catamaran Cruise

Hotel Śląsk - Market Hall / 4,3 km | ~ 20 min.

See how beautiful Wroclaw is from the Odra River perspective.

A true American catamaran cruise is a great opportunity to get to know the watery face of the city. See the most beautiful monuments of Wroclaw from the other side. Wonderful views, sunsets, gentle breeze.

During the trip you can see, among others: Ostrów Tumski, house on the water, Polinka cable car, Sand Bridge, Market Hall, Gondola Bay, National Museum, Peace Bridge, Grunwaldzki Bridge, Wyspiański Coast, Wroclaw University of Technology, Boulevards, Dali Island, Malt Island, Tamka Island, Hydro Power Plant, Marina Topacz, University of Wroclaw, Ossolineum. Ride also to the Zoo and Africarium.

It's easy! You get in - say where you want to go and the water taxi will take you there.

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At first sight they are invisible, but they accompany Wroclaw almost in every corner of the city. They are hidden in alleys and alleyways, they pass away from the sight of pedestrians. There are over 300 and they are still coming.Will you find them all?

Take a look at the paths of dwarfs, meet their silhouettes, habits, history and create a base of Wrocław Dwarfs! The trip can be started with our hotel where dwarf weightlifter arrived at the Hotel Śląsk together with the Polish Weigh lifting representation during the World Weightlifting Championships held in Wroclaw in October 2013.

According to the legend the "father" of the dwarf is the former Olympian and the medalist of the World and European Championships, vice-president of the Polish Weightlifting Association - Mariusz Jędra, after which the figurine inherited characteristic features.

Initially, the dwarf was supposed to live at the Gate of the Centennial Hall, however after the championships it was decided that the Silesian Hotel, as the most sporty hotel in the city, would be it's host.

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View Point on a skyscraper

Hotel Śląsk - Sky Tower / 2,0 km | ~17 min

Highest viewpoint in Wrocław, is located on the 49th floor at the height of over 200 meters in the tallest building in Poland - Sky Tower.

The panorama of the city and the surrounding area is a great treat for lovers of fantastic views.

View Wroclaw from the "higher" perspective.

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